We long to welcome friends we have yet to meet!

LA Maison bungalow was probably built in 1888 by a Scottish man called Kay.

The Scottish were the first who changed primitive forests into lands for agriculture on a larger scale.

They deforested most of the valley and built stone walls to get flatter lands and reduce rain erosion.

LA Maison was built in a forest where tribes and their ancestors hunted wild animals including tigers.

The first tea plantation started in the 1920's.

The house came into local hands(twelve owners) in the 1960's, and was bought by Frenchman Benoit Siat in 2007.

The heritage bungalow and ten acres of land acquired, took twenty months of renovation and opened its doors on December 2009.

The original frame was kept intact, adding six bathrooms and an additional glassroof creating bigger space and light.

The remarkable transformation in the hands of the present french owner, can be truly appreciated on visiting La Maison.